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Summer 2021

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Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®

The Mindfulness for Academic Achievement® course consolidates all of GRANITE’s amazing mindfulness curriculum into one engaging learning environment.​

The ACT® Everything Course!​

The ACT® Everything Course is a mindfulness-centric curriculum designed to help you master every section (English, Math, Reading, Science) of the ACT® college entrance exam, while simultaneously building emotional resilience, focus, and calm.

Mindfulness Certified Educator™​

The Mindfulness Certified Educator™ (certificate program) is an amazing opportunity to become certified in academic centric mindfulness instruction.​


The LSAT® Everthing Course

A Mindfulness-Based Online LSAT® Exam Prep Course. The LSAT® Everything Course is an online LSAT® course offering simply EVERYTHING a student could need.


Dyslexia Success

Comprehensive Overview of Best Dyslexia Technologies. Dyslexia Friendly Study Strategies. Dyslexia Treatment Strategies. Confidence Building Exercises. 8 Guided Meditations. Career Advice and Suggestions


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