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Computer Science Tutoring

Do you need a computer science tutor? At GRANITE® we offer personal computer science instruction. Whether you are looking for a python tutor, a javascript tutor, or an AP computer science tutor, we can help!

.The GRANITE® computer science program is led by GRANITE® founder Grantly Neely. Grantly and his team of educators can help you learn the fundamentals of computer science, empowering you to build the software projects of your dreams!

If learning computer science feels intimidating to you, do not worry! The GRANITE® computer science program is mindfulness-based (just like all of our programs here at GRANITE®)! This means that you and your educator will not only learn the skills necessary to become a skilled computer scientist, data analyst, web developer, or game designer, but you will also learn how to stay patient with frustrating software bugs, find calm when a concept feels overwhelming, and remain passionate when a topic feels dull.

AP® Computer Science

GRANITE® educators have a rich experience with AP® computer science. If you are looking for an AP® Computer Science tutor, we are here to help! Our educators are well versed in the Code.org development environment and have helped countless students learn the foundational skills to build amazing projects. Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed with the AP® Computer Science Final project or feel like you need to review some of the AP® Computer Science main principles, we can’t wait to start learning with you

If you are not currently enrolled in AP® computer science, but are considering it, we highly recommend it! Follow this link and learn a bit more about the course: AP® COMPUTER SCIENCE! Don’t worry, no previous experience is required, and if you get lost, we are happy to help you along the way!

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