Looking for ACT Practice Tests? The buttons below will link you to all the FREE OFFICIAL ACT® exams that we have discovered! The ACT® releases these free to the public yearly. The secret about the ACT® is that it doesn’t change very much from year to year, so if you get in lots of practice with old OFFICIAL ACT® exams you will feel very familiar with the questions on test day! The code (59F for example) at the end of the test indicates which version of the test this is. You do not need to worry about this code, it is just a helpful way of keeping track of which tests you’ve completed and which you have not. 

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Usually just going through ACT Practice Tests isn’t enough. It is vastly more efficient if you learn all the secret tips and tricks of the ACT®along the way! Here are some more great FREE RESOURCES to help you on your ACT® Test Prep journey!

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Don’t just stop at ACT Practice Tests! The ACT Everything Course is an online ACT® course offering simply EVERYTHING a student could need. A Mindfulness Based Online ACT® Course!

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