Grantly - Founder:

A Nashville local, Grantly attended Dartmouth College, then returned to Nashville to found GRANITE™. Fascinated by understanding student motivation, productivity, and goal creation, Grantly has contributed to research studying factors impacting motivation and decision-making (specifically as it pertains to mindfulness) at both Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University. Grantly likes to refer to these factors as test taking intangibles™ and works to ensure all students at his center have a rich understanding of both standard academic content (math, grammar, etc…) as well as the intangibles of test taking (calm, focus, nutrition, etc…)

Grantly is a certified KORU mindfulness instructor and has taught mindfulness classes for stress reduction and academic performance at his home base (GRANITE™), as well as Vanderbilt University and Dartmouth College.

When not working with students, Grantly plays in a couple Nashville area tennis leagues and loves cooking, drawing, and playing guitar. Most of all, Grantly loves talking with families and students about how they can achieve their academic goals! 

Connor Brennan

Connor Brennan, a recent transplant from Wisconsin, has a master’s degree in medical physics and a bachelor’s degree in physics (math minor and piano minor). During his time up north, he worked as a nuclear engineer, ACT tutor, spin instructor, and dueling pianist! Connor’s passion for physics and science in general give him a unique perspective on test prep, and he loves helping people figure out that math and science are amazing. An avid lifelong reader, Connor also prides himself on helping students develop their reading comprehension strategies, writing skills, and proofreading abilities.


Alden Neely

Alden Neely, a computer science major at Rice University, has been leading the Granite.APP project. Passionate about the intersection of education and technology, Alden teaches technology to inner-city Houston youth through “Project Houston”. Alden is excited at the application of neural-nets, natural language processing, machine-learning to education software. Alden loves software development and coded his first app when he was 12 years old. He has been teaching and tutoring for four years. Alden has maintained a many year mindfulness practice and is excited at the prospect of building software that will enable his students to learn the value of a holistic approach to test prep.

Landon Funk

Landon Funk is a graduate of Princeton University and a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, receiving her baseline certification from CorePower Yoga in Los Angeles. At GRANITE® Landon has specialized in working with middle schools students on a host of academic fields (with a specialty in math). Landon also specializes in working with high school students on D1, D2 and D3 athletic recruiting (and college planning broadly). As GRANITE’s director of wellness, Landon leads initiatives aimed at helping students thrive by incorporating mindfulness and yoga into their academic lives!

Daavi Gazelle

Daavi Gazelle is a Senior at Vanderbilt University studying Human and Organizational Development, Education Policy, and Math. He hails from Boston, Massachusetts (although he’s an avid Yankees fan) and before college spent a year volunteering in Boston Public Schools. Daavi taught summer school Math at Brookline High School, has tutored at MLK and Waverly Belmont, and is currently writing a book about college admissions in the United States!  Daavi is passionate about the intersection of mindfulness and education, and has completed two ten-day silent meditation retreats. Daavi’s long-term goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and run a foster home.  Outside of his studies, Daavi is a huge pickup basketball player, freestyle rapper and chef. 

Seb Lim

Achieving accolades from prestigious educational institutions throughout the country, Sebastian Lim is an accomplished Computer Engineer at Vanderbilt. He has worked on the Robotic Cheetah Project at MIT, helped design and implement iOS apps such as BandRunner and BookUP at Dartmouth’s DALI Labs, and engineered a 3D-printed telescope at the Harvard SEAS Labs for Applied Computational Science. As a second semester senior, Seb has developed a keen intuition of how the academic world is developing and what the best ways to teach difficult concepts such as Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, English, and Chemistry are. Achieving a super-scored 2014 SAT of 2380 with a 10 on the essay, 5’s in AP Calculus AB/BC, Computer Science A, English Literature and Comp, Statistics, and Music Theory, and SAT Subject Test scores of 800 in Mathematics Level 2, 760 in Latin, and 750 in Physics. Focusing on those most neglected by the academic system, Seb specializes in taking all educational levels and tutoring them in how to pass their classes. Seb strongly believes that academic success leads to prosperous futures.

Ryan Knight

A Knoxville, Tennessee native, Ryan Knight is a senior who is studying Biological Sciences and Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. His educational experience includes five years as a sailing instructor and running a small ACT prep clinic. Vanderbilt’s rigorous pre-medical program has allowed him to study and excel in biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics. In order to achieve the fullest comprehension of these fields possible, Ryan has sought out experience working in several research labs and shadowing several doctors. His focus shifted from purely academic achievement to physical and mental wellness as well when a spinal injury required corrective surgery in the summer of 2019. Since then he has been attending yoga and meditation sessions and put an increased emphasis on mindfulness in all aspects of his life, especially those that can cause stress such as education.