Grantly - Founder:

A Nashville local, Grantly attended Dartmouth College, then returned to Nashville to found GRANITE®. Fascinated by understanding student motivation, productivity, and goal creation, Grantly has contributed to research studying factors impacting motivation and decision-making (specifically as it pertains to mindfulness) at both Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University. Grantly likes to refer to these factors as “Test Taking Intangibles”® and works to ensure all students at his center have a rich understanding of both standard academic content (math, grammar, etc…) as well as the intangibles of test taking (calm, focus, nutrition, etc…)

Grantly is a certified KORU mindfulness instructor and has taught mindfulness classes for stress reduction and academic performance at his home base (GRANITE™), as well as Vanderbilt University and Dartmouth College.

When not working with students, Grantly plays in a couple Nashville area tennis leagues and loves cooking, drawing, and playing guitar. Most of all, Grantly loves talking with families and students about how they can achieve their academic goals!

Landon - Director of Education

Landon Funk is a Nashville native and graduate of Princeton University, where she majored in English and African American Studies and was captain of the Women’s Varsity Golf Team. Since college, Landon has dedicated her life to education and wellness in the hopes of making the world a much calmer and more understanding place. She received her 200 hour yoga certification in 2015 and is also a certified meditation instructor and reiki healer. 

Landon loves to work with students who are looking to deepen their understanding of English, grammar, math, test prep, and college counseling. 

In her spare time, she teaches and practices yoga, reads the latest “Book of the Month,” and goes on walks with her dog, Andy.

Ryan Knight

A Knoxville, Tennessee native, Ryan Knight is an alumni of Vanderbilt University. Before GRANITE®, Ryan spent 5 years running an ACT prep clinic in his hometown. Vanderbilt’s rigorous pre-medical program has allowed him to study and excel in biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics. In order to achieve the fullest comprehension of these fields possible, Ryan has sought out experience working in several research labs and shadowing several doctors. His focus shifted from purely academic achievement to physical and mental wellness as well when a spinal injury required corrective surgery in the summer of 2019. Since then he has been attending yoga and meditation sessions and put an increased emphasis on mindfulness in all aspects of his life, especially education.

Blane Silverman

Blane is a South Florida native who has made the Music City his home. An honors graduate from Vanderbilt University, Blane is a dedicated learner who values depth and breadth of knowledge. A graduate of the Peabody School of Education, Blane has assisted in high-level cognitive and developmental research. He has been educating since the age of 15, working with learners of all ages. Blane hopes to help students master both the intangible and concrete skills that promote holistic wellness.

Alec Carro

A Memphis, Tennessee native and current Nashville local, Alec attended Vanderbilt University, graduating in 2018 with majors in Economics and Spanish and a minor in Financial Economics.

Alec possesses a deep appreciation for the Spanish language and culture. Always seeking to share his rich appreciation for and understanding of Spanish with others, Alec finds inspiration in the opportunity to work closely with students of the language at GRANITE®.
Alec turned to mindfulness practices in college and continues to integrate these learnings in all facets of his daily interactions and activities. 

Connor Brennan

Connor Brennan, a recent transplant from Wisconsin, has a master’s degree in medical physics and a bachelor’s degree in physics (math minor and piano minor). During his time up north, he worked as a nuclear engineer, ACT tutor, spin instructor, and dueling pianist! Connor’s passion for physics and science in general give him a unique perspective on test prep, and he loves helping people figure out that math and science are amazing. An avid lifelong reader, Connor also prides himself on helping students develop their reading comprehension strategies, writing skills, and proofreading abilities.


Will Weinstein

A Nashville native, Will has spent the past few years in New Orleans where he received his Master’s of Cell and Molecular Biology and Bachelor’s of Neuroscience from Tulane University. His degrees have given him a breadth of experience in STEM-related subjects as well as a passion for the humanities, particularly in English writing and literature. He has spent much of his life abroad and has a strong appreciation for French language and communication which he enjoys mentoring greatly. Will’s approach to tutoring incorporates mindful thinking and diligent attention to the material at hand, catering each lesson to best suit the student so that they get the most out of studying.Outside of pedagogy, Will enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and fishing, as well as cooking and photography.