Grantly Neely

Grantly Neely is the founder of GRANITE®, an education center and education technology company, whose primary goal is to integrate mindfulness education into canonical academic disciplines. Grantly is an educator, certified mindfulness instructor, software developer, and animator. It is Grantly’s professional (and personal) mission to integrate mindfulness into every avenue of the student experience. From ACT® to SAT®, physics to algebra, grammar to history, and institutional acceptance planning to support for unique learning styles, Grantly and his team build curriculum, technologies, and systems that fundamentally innovate on the traditional academic process. Grantly is convinced that academic achievement goes far beyond simply a mastery of academic content. He believes that students must think of success as a holistic process, integrating emotional well being, confidence, nutrition, health, and finally subject mastery. Grantly likes to refer to this integrated solution as Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®.

Grantly has served as the lead engineer of the “MyGranite Web App Project”. The project creates a digital platform empowering both students and educators. Students are able to prepare for standardized tests (and coursework) in a mindfulness-centric manner; teachers are able to become certified Mindfulness-Based(TM) educators.

The MyGranite software is a direct to consumer product; however, it is also available as an institutionally licensed platform. Schools love MyGranite because it promotes student well being and creates actionable data. Grantly feels that few things make a student body more resilient that universal access to high quality mindfulness education. Furthermore, he feels that few tools are as powerful in creating pedagogical interventions as comprehensive data on student academic skill (and skill gaps).

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