Institutional Technology​
GRANITE® offers an online learning platform that empowers institutions with a rich digital environment for mindfulness-centric learning.


A host of wonderful schools and academic institutions use Granite® technology as a means of empowering their students with Mindfulness. Join the likes of Christ Presbyterian Academy, Templeton Academy, and S. Montgomery Consulting and help your students begin their journey to building emotionally resilient academic achievement through mindfulness.


Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile friendly, so students can take it on the go. Turn bus rides into opportunities for meditation, waiting rooms into classrooms, or relaxed afternoons into a chance for gamified quizzing. Micro-lessons keep students highly engaged making learning fun not chore.

Mindfulness-Based Exercises

Mindfulness-based exercises, guiding students to engage skillfully with the emotional variables of education. Whether it is test anxiety, boredom in class, or difficulty focusing during exams, GRANITE’s proprietary Test Taking Intangibles® guide students to a lighter, easier, and gentler relationship with academic assessments.

Reporting and Diagnostics

Understanding student skill gaps is one of the most important roles for an institution. Generate data in real time for comprehensive reporting on individual and group level student performance empowers educators to build better curriculum.

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Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®

The Mindfulness for Academic Achievement® course consolidates all of GRANITE’s amazing mindfulness curriculum into one engaging learning environment.​

The ACT® Everything Course!​

The ACT® Everything Course is a mindfulness-centric curriculum designed to help you master every section (English, Math, Reading, Science) of the ACT® college entrance exam, while simultaneously building emotional resilience, focus, and calm.

Mindfulness Certified Educator™​

The Mindfulness Certified Educator™ (certificate program) is an amazing opportunity to become certified in academic centric mindfulness instruction.​

Reporting and Diagnostics

All GRANITE® assessments and diagnostics inform a host of sophisticated data visualization tools. Available to educators, these charts, graphs, and reports provide an inside look at skill gaps of individual students but also classes as a whole. Upon subscribing to GRANITE® institutions will also be provided with guidelines for the web app’s proprietary reporting categories. These categories can support school administrators as they identify which classes students are struggling in most and how curriculum innovation might be most efficiently achieved.

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