GRANITE® is Nashville's premier education-center for ISEE prep.

Granite® ISEE Tutors

Granite® is Nashville’s premier education center for ISEE prep. Our ISEE center, conveniently located on 21st Avenue, is only minutes away from Templeton Academy, University School of Nashville, Harding Academy, Ensworth Middle School, Montgomery Bell Academy, Harpeth Hall, St. Cecilia, and many other amazing Nashville area private schools!

When considering an application to a Nashville private school, preparing for the ISEE should typically be considered one of the first steps! ISEE stands for Independent School Entrance Exam, and serves as the test to determine admissions to independent and private schools. Working with an ISEE tutor is a great way to empower your student; test familiarity is one of the most powerful ways to reduce test anxiety and boost student confidence. 

ISEE Levels

The ISEE exam is offered in four levels, corresponding to a student’s year in school. 
  • Primary (Grades 2-4)

  • Lower (Grades 5-6)

  • Middle (Grades 7-8)

  • Upper (High School) 

ISEE Content

The ISEE is broken down into 4 main sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics Achievement. Additionally, students must complete an ISEE essay. While the ISEE essay is not scored by the Educational Records Bureau, it is sent to all schools to which a student is applying. 

Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®

At Granite®, we tutor students in all ISEE levels: primary, lower, middle, and upper. All of our Granite® ISEE educators are experts not only in the ISEE test content but also in how to skillfully navigate test anxiety, boredom, lack of motivation, and all the intangibles of test-taking. More specifically, our test prep services are powered by a mindfulness-centric holistic approach. Students are encouraged to go beyond simply memorizing test content and learn how stress reduction, focus training, and test-taking strategy will help them overcome those pre-test jitters and understand that the ISEE is just one of many variables that will impact their application!

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