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GRANITE® is Nashville Spanish Tutoring! If you are struggling in high school Spanish, GRANITE® Spanish is for you! Do you want to build Spanish fluency, then GRANITE® Spanish is for you! Curious about a new culture, GRANITE® Spanish is for you! 

Led by GRANITE’s director of Spanish language, Nicky Farren, the program allows students in lower school, middle school, high school, or college to hone their Spanish language skills. GRANITE® will make learning Spanish easy and fun! This is Nashville Spanish Tutoring!

Whether you are struggling in Spanish class or simply want to learn Spanish for fun, GRANITE’s expert educators and data driven technology will allow you to build passion for a new language and culture while gaining rich insight into your personal learning style! 

Just like the students participating in the GRANITE® Test Prep Curriculum, students working with a GRANITE® Spanish language educator will have access to GRANITE’s proprietary “Test Taking Intangibles®” brain training exercises. Additionally, Our educators are driven to not only help students learn the critical spanish vocabulary, conjugations, and spoken language skills but also to help students learn the intangibles of academic achievement like focus, calm, and attention. Accordingly, Spanish language students learn not only the inner workings of the Spanish language, but also how emotional resilience can make you a great test taker. This is what we like to call Mindfulness for Academic Achievement®. If you are looking for Nashville Spanish Tutoring, We can’t wait to start learning Spanish with you!

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Don’t live in Nashville, but still excited about Granite’s mindfulness based Spanish language learning? We offer online tutoring, so you can enjoy GRANITE’s innovative Spanish tutoring curriculum from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live!    

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