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College Essay Workshop

Summer 2021

A Beautifully Polished Common App Essay isn't out of reach! Join us let's work together!


The Granite® College Consultants can't wait to meet you and talk about your college dreams!

College Planning - Granite Test Prep


Unfortunately applying to college is not a simple process. Applicants can be overwhelmed by the sea of acronyms and vocabulary: FAFSA, CSS profile, IDOC, HOPE, Common App, TSAC, EFC, and many others can become household words. Let Granite Prep’s expert college counselors help guide you through the process. Support in this complicated time can be important for three reasons. First, as college acceptance rates continue to decrease, acceptance to your dream school becomes ever harder; having expert guidance can ensure that your college essay is concise and captivating, you are only submitting your strongest test scores, and that your activities and resume tell a coherent story. Secondly, college is expensive; working with a Granite Prep financial expert will ensure that you don’t leave money on the table in the form of scholarships and merit awards. Finally, college can be taxing on family life and stressful on parents and students; Granite Prep will ensure that your family finds much needed peace of mind and conviction as you move through this transition. As a mindfulness powered platform, we ensure that all support we provide families is directly contextualized within finding genuine enthusiasm, passion, and calm when thinking about the future. 

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