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December 6th, 6:30 PM

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Here at GRANITE® we are thrilled to announce Templeton Academy’s adoption of our mindfulness-based ACT® prep software!

All Templeton students will have access to GRANITE’s “ACT Everything Course” (a comprehensive ACT® prep platform). Granite’s ACT® Everything Course offers a rich explanation of all the core academic content on the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Whether you are struggling with timing on science, appositive phrases in English, factoring quadratics in math, or anything in between, this platform will help you on all the academic content of the ACT®.

The ACT everything course is also filled with a host of mindfulness-based exercises. These exercises will empower you to engage skillfully with the ups-and-downs of The ACT®. Whether it is test-taking-anxiety, boredom, or difficulty focusing, GRANITE’s proprietary Test Taking Intangibles® guide you to a lighter, easier, and gentler relationship with The ACT® and exams generally!

Shortly after our college meetings, GRANITE founder, Grantly Neely, will be walking Templeton students through the software. Families are invited to this walk through; Grantly plans to field questions from parents and students on the ACT generally: ACT® and scholarships, ACT® and admissions, ACT® vs. SAT® etc.

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