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How it Works:

Granite Prep offers subject based tutoring for all ages and almost all subjects. Whether you are high school student struggling with pre-cal or physics, a college student struggling with a history paper or economics problem set, or a lower school student struggling with multiplication tables, Granite Prep has an expert educator for you. 

Students working with a Granite Prep educator on classwork will have access to the same brain training exercises as students participating in the test prep curriculum. Our educators are driven to not only help students learn the academic skills needed to thrive in math, science, writing etc… but also to help students learn the intangibles of academic achievement like focus, calm, and attention, through Granite Prep’s proprietary mindfulness-powered brain training exercises.  

Granite Prep educators hold advanced degrees and certificates in education and are experts at crafting a program to help you achieve your academic ambitions no matter what the situation. We have worked with valedictorians, struggling students, struggling students who became valedictorians, and everyone in between! 

Parents often inquire if Granite Prep offers tutoring to students with learning differences. The answer is yes — we offer test taking tutoring and support to students WITH and WITHOUT learning differences. Our tutors have worked with countless students who have: Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Test Anxiety) all of whom benefited tremendously from the Granite Test Prep platform. Because every student’s curriculum is uniquely customized to her/his needs, every student will be able to thrive. Therefore, whether your student excels in the traditional classroom settings, or has unique styles of learning, we will be able to help her/him achieve her/his ambitions.